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Note on Meds

Discontinuing insulin

Insulin remains a common treatment for people with type 2 diabetes, as everyone with type 2 diabetes slowly loses their insulin producing beta cells over time. Despite insulin’s utility and common use, it is not infrequent that people stop their insulin. A study released today used the huge Walgreens prescription database showed that almost 40% of people started on insulin had stopped refilling it a year later. For people already on insulin, the number stopping within a year was also high at over 30%. Prescription databases are less accurate at calculating insulin persistence, as there is no set dosage, but these numbers are still unsettling. One of the first areas to cover when someone’s A1C is above their goal is whether they are have been able to take their medications regularly, and this is especially true with insulin.

See here for full text: a lot of valuable information about the usage of different insulin types, and their combinations with oral meds.

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