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What is the app “job to be done”?

Health apps are proliferating, but there use is not. I think that that a big reason for this, in the type 2 diabetes space, is the disconnect between app builders and the population of people with type 2 diabetes. App builders tend to be younger and are enthusiastic about the use of automated reminders and goal tracking. People with type 2 diabetes are older, often with below average income and education, and lead complicated, stressful lives. They are not looking for more things to do. They do not crave apps that require them to input data such as meals and calories consumed, or physical activity goals met. They don’t want generic reminders and alarms. What they want, highlighted in this report released today in Internet Interventions, is ongoing support and motivation that is personalized and controllable by the user. This study focused on the use of FIT (functional imagery training), using images selected by participants, as a way to increase the use and effectiveness of an app. If we build a better app, they will come.

See abstract of article here.

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