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Note on Food-Weight

When we eat, not just what we eat?

Food is always a hot topic, and not just in the popular press. Academic articles in which diet was a major component have increased in number every year from 2001 (1,740) through 2015 (6,406). Despite these thousands of articles, we really don’t know thousands of facts about the ways in which we might alter our food to affect and improve our health. The American Heart Association released a nicely detailed review that looked not at the composition of our diets, but at the timing, including studies on fasting. Don’t be too scared of fasting, most studies involve one small meal of 400-600 calories on a ‘fasting’ day. These recommendations are mild, but they offer us another way to think about our diets. One thing is clear from these thousands of articles is that there are some general guidelines that are helpful for everyone, but the practicality and benefit of specific diets vary between people and also over time.

See full-text of the AHA statement here

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